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24 February 2022

Panda Gin x Denis Meyers

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A collaboration inspired by the artist's universe and the spirit of Panda Gin.

An exclusive limited edition of decorated bottles highlighting its iconic style.

Belgianness at its peak: Panda Gin launches a bottle customized by Denis Meyers, the multifaceted Belgian artist. You'll have to hurry to get it!

Panda Gin, the Belgian and organic gin (and the first in the world to offer a gin based on lychee) will be on sale from from mid-March 10,000 special edition bottles customized by Belgian artist Denis Meyers.

These bottles will be available through the usual distribution channels: you can get them on the Panda Gin website, at wine merchants and specialty stores.

We no longer present the artist: the Belgian graphic designer very committed to certain causes (at the start of the Covid, he put auction a painting on his Instagram account for the benefit of the Erasmus Fund) aligns the collaborations crowned with success, whether in the restaurant industry, associations, tourism... even luxury brands have call on him!

It is therefore very natural that Panda Gin contacted him to consider this collaboration: for several months, the creators of Panda Gin wanted to collaborate with one or more Belgian artists to twist their bottle (whose original design has already won several awards in international competitions).

So they set out search for an artist specializing in typography, and it was immediately that Denis Meyers and his universe is unanimous.

This is not the first time that Panda Gin has offered special editions: every year in September, the brand launches a limited edition, printed in 5,000 copies, where 3-4 new ingredients are added to the original recipe. In a few days, all stocks are each time sold out!

Here, it is the design of the 50cl bottle that takes center stage new, the time of this collab.

Panda Gin is a unique alcohol, which stands out from the competition by the ingredients, while respecting a the most ethical and local production process possible: the ingredients are organic, carefully chosen; the water that composes it comes from the High Fens, and the distillation is done in Belgium.

Like Denis Meyers, Panda Gin is a product that is exported internationally: since its launch in 2017, the brand is now established in several countries, such as Japan, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, … one more reason that makes this collaboration even more obvious!