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Sweet Panda

Sweet & Fruity. Perfect for desert !

Sweet Panda

GLASS / Champagne Flute


Combine the following elements in your shaker :

- 5 cl Panda Gin

- 1,5 cl Kiwi Syrup

- 2,5 cl Centrifuged Blood Orange

- 4/5 Drops of Peach Bitters

- 1 Egg White

Shake with ice

Strain ice from your shaker

Dry Shake

Strain into flute, pre-cooled in the fridge & fill to the brim

Finish off with an orange zest, rub it over the rim and stem


A dash of Angostura & parallel to it, a line of ground

vanilla bean powder.

You draw this on one side of the drink so the guest can choose which side he would like

to drink from, offering him or her two different experiences in one cocktail.

*Use a bar spoon or a gloved hand for this