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Panda is a premium gin that is distilled and bottled in Belgium, 100% organic and the first one worldwide to be litchi-based.

Several ingredients compose this gin such as cherry, orange peel, basil, rosemary, chinese badian, juniper berries, litchi and pure water from Hautes Fagnes.

The perfect and savoury harmony of those ingredients give our gin a subtle but strong spirit, mixed with a sober and refine design.
Discover Panda on the rocks, with a tonic or even in a cocktail.




Citrus X sinensis

Litchi chinensis



Illicium verum

Panda Organic Gin


COLOR : A distillate with crystalline reflections.


AROMA : Refreshing and fruity bouquet owes its subtlety and complexity to the secret mix of many spices and herbs selected by hand.


TASTE : Delicate attack with sweetness and lightness evolving towards a warm and fruity blooming.


TASTING : Panda Organic Gin is best enjoyed naturally, so as to unleash the full power of its fragrances, but is also an ideal base for cocktails and the classic gin & tonic.

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Email : info@panda-gin.com

Adress:  31 Drève de la Meute, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium (The head office)

Phone: +32 (0) 478 04 85 45 / +32 (0) 471 08 32 75

Company : Gin Production SPRL / TVA : 0673.501.385

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