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protect and reserve


We operate in a beautiful environment that we want to help protect and preserve. Our distillery is located on the plateau of Fagnes, the widest space in our country where nature preservation is crucial. The Fagnes started forming approximately 10.000 years ago, at the end of the Ice Age, on impervious shale soils of a very ancient ridge.

Rain water, as well as water that emerges from the peaty soil, runs down the Fagnes in small streams which, by rejoining each others, end up creating massive rivers. Their numerous tributaries thus make their way trough the Fagnes, then the forests, in the direction of the valleys, often alternating from more peaceful sections to torrential passages. The deep wild valleys around the Hautes Fagnes are often of unparalleled beauty.

This magnificent environment constantly reminds us why we chose to work in a sustainable manner. We want to limit our environmental impact, reduce our carbon footprint as well as our waste disposal.

Founded in 1836, Radermacher distillery is one of the most ancient in Belgium. Two hundred years of kow-how and rigorous selection of raw material are the key to their success. The distillery remains faithful to traditions but is now equiped with modern technology to produce high quality distillates.



The distillery is not only organic-certified, but it’s also one of the rare distilleries to have obtained the BRC and IFS certificates.

The « Made in Ostbelgien » label stands for healthy, high-quality products made in East Belgium and delivered to the consumer through short distribution channels. This raises the region viewability and creates economical added value at the same time : regional economical circuits aim to preserve agricultural jobs and small and medium-sized businesses, contribute to preserving the cultural landscape, protect nature and build trust.



Yespirits Company embraced an eco-responsible purchasing policy, by buying for example products with an ecological label. A real course of action that we support on a daily basis.

Panda Gin

Our organic gin is certified by the Certysis organisation. We use an organic grain alcohol (wheat), berries, plants and natural flavors.

100% unbreakable and reusable glass

We collaborate with the entreprise RB Drinks based in Portugal for our event cups and glasses. They are shock-proof and can support a multiple tons pressure. This way we’re sure to serve our clients safely, without glass break on the ground and no possible injury. The recyclability symbol   indicates that our glasses will be recycled or used for energetic retrieval. These are not one-use only glasses.


For your events, we work with corn starch straws, a 100% renewable and biodegradable material.

Paper support

We collaborate with Drifosett Printing from the very beginning. We provide ourselves regionnally to limit our environmental impact. This company also proposes a selection of high quality papers coming from our European forests. Their paper is FSC-certified, which means that their products have a certified responsible origin, but also traceability throughout the commercial chain.

Example : Flyers, cocktail books, … 

Panda GiftBox

Made out of 100% recyclable cardboard.

Waste and reusability

We minimize our waste whenever we can, at the same time on a sustainable basis, and also because waste disposal is expensive. We reuse the transportation boxes of our suppliers, but also every useful package, such as wooden pallets and cardboards. Cardboards and transparent plastic are recycled. When possible, we only ship products when the truck is fully loaded.