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9 December 2022

3 ways to drink Panda Gin

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Discover the 3 ways to taste our Panda Gin in order to live a unique experience!

On ice or dry

Pour 4 cl of Panda Gin into a glass (with or without ice).

Taste and discover the aromas of our gin.

A sweet and fruity attack with a herbaceous length.

Cheers !

Gin & Tonic (the Perfect Serve)

Take a balloon glass and fill it with ice cubes.

Pour 4cl of Panda Gin and 12cl of Indian tonic premium.

Mix and add a sprig of thyme or a lychee as decoration.

Taste and discover this magnificent refreshing combination!

Panda Gin cocktail

The Panda Gin is a perfect companion for many cocktails.

It will bring a unique taste signature and harmonize your recipes.

Revisit classic cocktails with our gin or embark on original creations!

There are no limits to your imagination.

Discover our Panda Gin cocktails and have fun.