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17 March 2023

Gin Fizz and its history

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Gin Fizz and its history

The origin of the Gin Fizz:

Around 1750, the Gin Fizz was born, a cocktail that would become one of the most popular drinks in the world. At that time, sailors were most affected by vitamin C deficiency and scurvy, a potentially fatal disease. Admiral Nelson came up with the idea of mixing gin with lemon to help prevent the disease among his men.

The remedy worked and the drink was so popular with the sailors that they began to fake the symptoms of scurvy just to drink it. Even when they were ashore, the sailors continued to consume the drink with a few modifications, such as the addition of sugar and soda water. So Gin Fizz was originally a therapeutic drink!

Today, the Gin Fizz is considered a classic among cocktails and is widely consumed in bars around the world. It is often served in the evening to celebrate special occasions, but it is interesting to remember that its origin is actually more humble. The Gin Fizz is an excellent example of how drinks can evolve over time, becoming a key part of drinking culture over the centuries.