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2 September 2021

Interview of Origin

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Discover the interview with Origin, an extraordinary gin collector !

Who is behind ORIGIN?

A young Belgian collector named Kenny WAUTELET who discovered the world of gin in 2014 thanks to his wife of Spanish origin whose in-laws are a big fan of this precious spirit.

Why collect gin and not another alcohol?

Quite simply because gin allows you to be able to totally escape depending on your mood and your desires, whether they are sweet, fruity, spicy, floral or on citrus. It also makes it possible to meet and be able to satisfy any type of person by offering them a gin and tonic or another cocktail from the wonderful world of mixology where gin reigns supreme.

How many gin does your current collection have?

I currently have more than 500 references from all over the world, but especially from Belgium and France for more than 700 bottles in total in my collection neatly stored in my private bar located in my house.

Are you going to stop one day?

Yes, when the world of gin stops releasing quality products. Basically, I don’t think I’ll ever stop and I still have plenty of room at home ...

Why make such detailed recipes?

Quite simply because I like to share my knowledge and my passion for gin and to be able to help brands to perfect their products through my perfect serves and to make themselves known through my brief descriptions of their products. My idea is to make recipes with garnishes and tonics closely or remotely related to gin that people can easily find.

Are you contacted by professionals in the world of gin?

Yes often, and it's always a pleasure to discover a new gin with its creator so that I can give my opinion and find its ideal perfect serve.

What do you think of Panda Gin?

Panda Gin is an extraordinary and special gin in smell and taste. It has a fruity, fresh and floral aspect that I find really pleasant to work with in cocktails. This gin has the particularity of pleasing people very much even classic London Dry purists because the gin contains 0% sugar.

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