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1 September 2022

Limited Edition 2022 by Panda Gin

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For this third limited edition of Panda Gin version 2022 to 6000 copies, find 5 new ingredients and a new design. This is part of the "Colors Series" until 2025.

The story continues

This new gin is based on its main ingredient "lychee" with new carefully selected ingredients: Dill, lavender, mango, absinthe and bergamot. A fresh and herbaceous gin that will surprise gin lovers. The 2022 limited edition comes in pastel green with the gold logo, a slipcase and only 6,000 numbered copies. 100% organic, 0% sugars and 45% alc.


Five new ingredients to discover for this limited 2022 version. The new recipe brings a herbal note to our gin, the attack on the palate is fresh and gradually gives way to herbs with a fruity finish.

The colour

A distillate with amber reflections.

The perfect service

To be enjoyed plain, at room temperature. In this way, you will feel the power of the aromas. Our limited edition also comes with an 'Indian Premium' tonic.


Lemon zest