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Sct06/Slider/Right Back to articles Limited Edition 2023 by Panda Gin

21 September 2023

Limited Edition 2023 by Panda Gin

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For the fourth limited edition of Panda Gin in 2023, we have incorporated 5 new ingredients and a fresh design. This edition remains a part of the "Colors Series" until 2025, there will be 8000 bottles available for this release.

Discover the fourth limited edition of Panda Gin, 2023 version, a true invitation to excellence and

innovation. Immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience with our captivating new recipe and stunning

new design. This special edition is part of our prestigious "Colors Series" until 2025 and represents elegance.

The secret of this exceptional gin lies in its main ingredient: lychee.

Combined with carefully selected ingredients such as rose, hibiscus flower, and apricot, our master distiller

has created a bold and refreshing floral symphony. Each sip of this exquisite gin will surprise your taste buds

and awaken your senses. The 2023 limited edition is adorned with a splendid pastel blue, evoking purity and

serenity. The gold logo, symbolizing luxury and prestige, adds an incomparable touch of elegance.

Each bottle is carefully wrapped in a case, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail. We are proud to

offer you a gin of exceptional quality, certified 100% organic for an even purer and more natural experience.

Furthermore, our commitment to your well-being is unwavering: our 2023 limited edition contains no added

sugar, allowing you to savor every moment without guilt. With an alcohol content of 45%, our gin offers a

balanced and refined experience to be enjoyed in moderation.

Don't delay, as only 8000 numbered copies are available. Join the elite gin enthusiasts and let yourself be

seduced by this rare and precious creation. Treat yourself to an unforgettable taste journey with the fourth

limited edition of Panda Gin, 2023 version, the ultimate choice for discerning connoisseurs.